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Car Air Conditioning Nottingham

We are able to carry out all aspects of air conditioning work on any make of vehicle. We can re-gas & repair both the older R12 systems and the current R134a systems. From a complete install to a re-gas & deodorise we are able to help.


If your car's air conditioning fully goes it can be a very costly affair, so why not book your car in for an air conditioning service with MB Centre Nottingham and avoid an unnecessary bill.


Our fully trained technicians are experts at find faults that could lead to larger problems, and are able to treat them then and there. Why not get in contact, and find out more about how we can help.

Common problems to look out for...

Air Conditioning System Not Cold Enough?

The Air Conditioning system in your vehicle is not usually covered by most manufacturer's servicing schedules and the refrigerant gas that is used to operate the system depletes over time. On average most vehicles lose up to 15% per annum, this problem can be caused when the system is not used during the winter months allowing the small “O” ring seals to dry out resulting in a gradual deterioration in system performance eventually resulting in the system being too low to operate at all. Most problems of this type can be put right fairly easily by a leak check of your system followed by a complete refill of your air conditioning refrigerant.



Air Conditioning System Smells Odd?


If you notice any strange smells when you put your air-con on then this could be signs of bacteria build up on your system. As systems become older or are used infrequently the air conditioning system can start to develop bacteria, micro organisms and even mould or fungi growing especially behind the dash panel on the evaporator, this can lead to some very unpleasant odours. Some even claim this can result in headaches and flu like symptoms sometimes referred to as sick car syndrome. Don’t suffer any longer; air con systems can be treated effectively with an anti-bacterial treatment that destroys the bacteria growth and leaves your car smelling fresh again. The earlier this is treated the better you will feel!

Funny Noises?

If your air-con system suddenly starts making noises you have not heard before it is very advisable to have a qualified vehicle air conditioning specialist to have a look at it.

Some noises could be early symptoms of a compressor failure (the compressor is the air conditioning pump). The compressor is usually the most expensive part on the system ranging from approximately £230 to £600 plus. If the bearings in your compressor break down or if the compressor seizes up, it also means that other components can become contaminated with metal particles. A flush of the system would then be needed as well as replacement of the compressor, the receiver/drier and the expansion valve – quite a hefty repair bill!

Pool Of Water Underneath The Car After Using Air-Conditioning?

You will sometimes see a water puddle on the ground, usually under the passenger footwell area, this is a normal feature of the air conditioning system as it is only water dripping from the air conditioning evaporator which has a drain tube fitted to allow the condensation from the evaporator to drain away from the vehicle.

Damp Carpet In The Footwell Or Excessive Misting Of The Windscreen?

Sometimes the drain tube from the evaporator may become blocked or detached allowing the condensation to build up inside your evaporator. If this occurs, water will just build up inside your car to a point where there are damp carpets or misting / high humidity type problems.

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