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At The MB Centre we have invested in the latest diagnostic tooling & equipment. This helps us diagnose faults accurately without wasting time & costing you money. We use the latest Mercedes-Benz Xentry diagnostics which will put us on line with Mercedes-Benz, giving us instant updates & new information as soon as it becomes available. This SCN coding facility will allow us to carry out important updates to your vehicle to rectify faults sometimes before they even happen.

Vehicle Diagnostics Nottingham

We have all the necessary diagnostic equipment & technical support to carry out complicated diagnostic and coding work. This can range from a chaffed wire to a replacement control unit. All work is carried out by a Mercedes-Benz qualified diagnostic technician and are fully trained with the latest technologies and are sure to be able to get to the bottom of your problem. 

Cars are now so advanced that in some ways they can be considered to be computers on wheels. A major advantage of this is that with the correct equipment it is possible to get to the root of any problems you are having with your vehicle.

Mercedes Fault Finding

Our mechanics at MB Centre Nottingham are professionals at detecting, diagnosing and fixing any problem with your car. We have all the latest diagnostic equipment and are able to solve the vast majority of problems.

If one of your dashboard lights is flashing we won’t just switch it off, we’ll perform full diagnostics and to make sure we get to the bottom of the problem.


We Can Repair Faults Relating To:

• Engine Management

• Fuel Injections Systems

• Anti-Lock Braking Systems

• Electronic Diesel Control Systems

• Safety Related Systems

• Comfort Systems (air conditioning, heating, seat adjustment etc.)

• Infotainment Systems (Music players, GPS etc.)

Diagnostic Training & Development

With the changes to block exemption rules in 2003 all MB Centre staff are eligible to attend training courses at Mercedes-Benz training & development centre in Milton Keynes. This ensures that we keep

up-to-date with the latest technology.


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