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Who are you?

The MB Centre was formed in November 2005 by Nick Winter, formally of B&K Thomas Ltd.

Our company comprises former employees of B&K Thomas and Mercedes-Benz of Nottingham. The MB Centre currently employs only former Mercedes-Benz main dealer technicians.

The MB Centre has no other branches and no association with any other local Mercedes-Benz specialists. The MB Centre has always been based in Colwick, Nottingham and if we move you will be informed.


Will my manufacturers warranty be affected?


Any work carried out by The MB Centre will not affect the manufactures warranty. By EU law we are able to work on your vehicle without the risk of affecting your warranty. We do this by using genuine parts & recommended lubricants but more importantly all our staff are former Mercedes-Benz dealer technicians.


Are all your staff qualified to work on my vehicle?

​All our staff are former employees of B & K Thomas Ltd. (who held the Mercedes–Benz franchise in Nottingham for 50 years) and Mercedes-Benz of Nottingham. We are unique in Nottingham in that we employ only fully qualified ex Mercedes–Benz dealer technicians. We have a combined staff experience of over 195 years.


How much less expensive are you compared to the main dealer?

Our labour rate is currently less than half of that of the local Mercedes-Benz dealer. We are also the lowest price specialist in the area. We believe in giving a fixed saving all year round and we do not offer loss leaders to attract you and your vehicle in our workshops - just quality work at a fair price.


How do you save us money?

By keeping our internal costs down, we are able to pass the savings on to you.


What's the difference if you work on my car, as opposed to the franchise dealer?

We work in the same way as the dealer but often at half the price. We offer a more personal service tailored to your needs so the only difference should be a positive one. We offer a free local collection & delivery service and all vehicles are hand washed prior to their return.


Do you use genuine Mercedes-Benz parts?

All parts stocked and used are genuine Mercedes-Benz items carrying a full two year warranty. 
This is important when comparing 'like for like' quotations for servicing and repairs.

Please note: Although our preference is to use genuine manufacturers parts, we are always pleased to quote for alternative products.


As you are a Mercedes-Benz specialist, do you repair other makes & models?

Although The MB Centre is a Mercedes-Benz specialists, we repair and service all makes of cars and vans to the same high standards.


Why can I not book a mechanical service online?

At The MB Centre we are traditionalists; we prefer for you meet and receive free advice from our friendly team to discuss your requirements in person - where we can agree the best solution to meet your needs.


Will my Mercedes-Benz service be recorded in my service history?

If your Mercedes is relatively new with a Mercedes Digital Service Book (DSB), you do not have to go to a dealer in order to have the vehicle serviced and the service book updated. At The MB Centre we have access to your Mercedes Digital Service Book system and can therefore update the details of every service item that is carried out.

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