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We are a local representative for a national company                                   which is able to reprogram your vehicles engine control unit to produce more power and return a better fuel consumption. For commercial or fleet customers we can also program speed limiters in to the control unit to reducing the risk of accidents and drivers speeding.


An ECU is the Engine Control Unit in an engine. It normally consists of a single computer chip which controls things such as:

• Air/Fuel mixture ratio
• Ignition timing
• Idle revs/speed
• Variable cylinder valve timing

There are many other engine operating factors which are controlled by the ECU.

When we remap an ECU we are basically fine tuning the software which deals with engine performance. Remapping involves changing the parameters that the ECU uses to make decisions about real time adjustments of the engine. We can connect to the ECU with our specialist equipment and then quickly make any changes that you want.


The benefits of ECU Remapping are manifold and can even result in an increase in torque and power, an increased mile per gallon figure and overall a smoother and more enjoyable drive. Best of all, most of the time we can perform an ECU remap without having to remove the ECU from the car, using a computer and a cable connected to the car’s diagnostic socket it is possible to complete a full remap.

There are variations in the improvements that ECU remapping results in depending on your engine type:


ECU Re-Mapping Nottingham

ecu performance graph
BDM Remap

Petrol Engines (Naturally Aspirated)

After a petrol engine has been remapped it will produce 10 – 15% BHP (Brake Horse Power) depending on its exact specification. You can also expect the engine to be more responsive on initial acceleration and produce up to 20% more torque through the entire rev range, this results in more response on a lighter throttle.

Petrol Engines (Turbo)

An ECU remap on a petrol turbo engine will result in 20 – 40% BHP (Brake Horse Power). You can expect your engine to be much more responsive with power arriving immediately relative to throttle input and no lagging at higher revs. Thanks to the large increase in power and torque there is far more flexibility in all gears which in turn reduces the need to change down gear to overtake safely and quickly.

Diesel Engines (Turbo)

The effect of ECU remapping is most drastic on turbo diesel engines, you will see 30 – 50% BHP (Brake Horse Power) and 60 – 75% torque increase. There will be extra power throughout the entire rev range and under all load conditions; there is also a huge increase in turning force.

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